Weird Creatures

I'd been sitting on this round-robin deco for much too long for four reasons. First, it's huge. Second, there's a cut-out window. Third, I was afraid that I'd snap the binding. Fourth, I am was a chicken (<--one of the things that contributed to my week-long meltdown).

To the left is the left half of my spread. Acrylics and a whole whack of sewn paper. Literally, a whack. The blue stuff is sparkly. It's some weird Thai paper we bought during a recent bout of retail therapy. The "skirts" are made with konnyaku-treated tissue. They eyeballs are made from chiyogami, Indian paper, some konnyaku-treated kozo, and momi. I employed some French knots as well.

To the right is the other half of my spread. The half with the window, which I badly engineered and then had to hack away at because the binding's not very flexible (and I'm a poor engineer). Another one-eyed jellyfish thing and some amoebas. The same basic materials were used. I'm looking forward to sending this bad boy out the door and onto the next participant. I'm sure the book's creator will be pretty darn happy about it too.


Kirsten said...

These guys make me smile! Good work!

gwensmom said...

Cool! They look like cyclops jellyfish.

V.K. Soaplash said...

I do love your sense of humor, which informs your art (mai oui) and writing (mai oui aussi). These lil' critters are fun. Hope your thumb is healing up. Love the kitty pics too!