S-Suck and Sp-Spoilerish Below

The conclusion of The Amazing Race last night was the worst thing ever. Not only did I put up with eleventeen teams all season that I really couldn't stand (there's a problem when you decide that a win by Team Frat wouldn't be such a horrible thing after all) and with Phil morphing into Mr. Gender Stereotype (we'll ignore the numerous pants malfunctions), but I didn't much like the team that won the entire friggin' race. I don't care how well they raced, either. I mean, I've never been keen on sanctimonious hypocrites, so even if they happen to be really good at what they do, I'm not going to be pulling for them. First the family edition and now this? It may be over between us forever, CBS. I won't even get started on the horrible, horrible CSI: NY season finale yesterday. Is Shrub sending you script ideas?

At least Jon Stewart restored a bit of my faith in humanity during his interview with Ramesh Ponnuru. It was squirmy, but in a good way.

And that should be the last of my television-blogging for a good, long while. But, really, blargh.

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georgeious said...

i'll tell you this - the season finale of boston legal was just as disappointing. and since we're inanely bitching about the banality of banality here, i think gray's anatomy had some serious shark jumping going on.

A PROM??? what the...?!?!!?

by the way, has anyone else been foreced to read your diss yet besides your advisor? poor ptichka.

Odilon said...

Yeah, the prom was an attempt for whimsey that totally failed. I really dislike Meredith, too and Izzy really grates as well.

No, so far, no small birds have been injured in the writing of this dissertation...yet. Editing in earnest starts next Monday and then the feathers will fly.

There is a writing counsellor over that writing centre who is currently reading five pages from one of my weaker chapters. She gets to tell my how much I suck tomorrow and then I shall buy art supplies to drown my sorrow.