I crawled out of bed at 5.40 because I couldn't sleep. I was planning on getting out of bed at 6.00 anyway so it's not as though I experienced any real hardship, although I will be missing that twenty minutes of sleep towards noon, I think.

I've been drinking my morning coffee and editing five pages from my chapter on the Prague Linguistic School's popularizing volume, The Torso and the Mystery of Mácha's Oeuvre for my editing course this morning. I peaked out the kitchen window on a trip to the kitchen and discovered the neighbor's cat. She's since been fed and is now asleep on the folded towel I placed in the office for her. She prefers to sleep near people and this office is where people are during the day.

I forgot how much I love working in the morning before the house wakes up. I suspect it's much like working late at night after the house has gone to bed for the nightowl. There's no television. There's no music unless I open iTunes. It's peaceful and I can usually focus for a good couple of hours without any interruptions. I should go to bed early again tonight.

It's time to get back to work. I must admit, the Czech half of my dissertation is no where near as bad as I thought it was. I am still dreading my chapter on Eikhenbaum, though.

Coming tomorrow or Friday is a summary of the konnyaku half of the workshop I took. In the meantime, take a look at the bird collages in this Etsy shop.

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Cellissimo said...

I dreamt about Prague last night. Sigh. I miss that city so much.

I love having a quiet house to work in, too. I think I may choose to live alone when I start working on the thesis for that very reason.

Odilon said...

I'd love to go back too.

I own earplugs. I wear them almost every night from about 8pm on. It's almost like having a quiet house.