Tag Sale

I received a homer for Nici last week. Instead of letting it languish in my in-box, which often happens to homers because I am a horrible person, I decorated my tag on Friday. Both sides have asa paper as the base. The design on the left is Sharpie, pink asa paper, and silk thread on a blue background.
The design to the right is embroidery floss and sequins. Does the design look familiar? I told you. The fibres I used at the top of the tag were a gift from the obscenely talented Caren.

I also recently bought a box of size five shipping tags at St@ples and since then I've just wanted to stamp them, especially since Ptichka and I picked up some beautiful Hanko and Fred B. Mullett stamps when we were in Seattle for the holidays. To the left is a page in progress using a stamp of a maiden hair fern. I can't figure out why it's so satisfying to stamp tags but it is.

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