When Onions Go Bad

To the right is what happens when onions go bad. Literally. This is another beast for the fantastic creatures round robin. My inspiration was an onion that I had left sitting on the kitchen table in the sun for one too many days. He sprouted. I gave him an reflectionless eye and now he's terrifying.

I should drag out my sketches for my killer alien kolhrabi print and work on them again. Dangerous produce keeps me entertained

Watercolours and india ink on watercolour paper.

There's nothing below the fold.


Cellissimo said...

Love it! I recently unearthed a forgotten onion that looked like that, but it never occurred to me to use it for artistic inspiration.

ABDmom said...

Hey! Like the new digs!

Odilon said...

Kathy: Now I'm getting all sorts of people visiting the blog who've searched "What do I do with bad onions?" Really!

I say, dump it.

Hey ABDmom! New digs for my soon-to-be new life. Whee!