Pink and Green ATCs

For the curious ones: I did get off my butt on Saturday and make it to Kensington. There, I bought corn tortillas (Why can't I get these from someplace close to my house?) and ancho chiles (I remembered the name incorrectly in my previous post). I also bought sequins (pictures to come), paint, paper, card stock, and, because I am a complete and utter geek, a little set of drafting tools. I wanted, well actually, needed a compass.

On Saturday I also made two pink and green ATCs for a swap I'm angeling. To the left is the first one. Acrylics and silk thread.

I'm really beginning to love mixing colours.

The second one is below the fold.

My second pink and green ATC. Embroidery floss, silk thread, asa paper, and sequins. The sequins are much nicer in person. My scanner has started going all wonky on the colours. The design was inspired by one I saw in one of our Japanese craft books.

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