Pictures, Some Prose, and No Politics

As I mentioned earlier, I received a homer on Monday, which sparked some deco action here. Everyone deserves homers. I even finally got one that had been sitting in my to-be-mailed box packaged up and out the door.

To the left is a page in a fan deco for Domi. I copied an image of an amaryllis from Les liliacées by Pierre Joseph Redouté. India ink and watercolours.

Another botanical image in india ink and watercolours. I remember when I first discovered the Japanese Paper Place a couple of years ago. I didn't like a couple traditional Japanese design motives: bamboo and pine. I was all about the plum blossoms, cranes, and cherry blossoms. Now, however, I love the water and pine motives best. Bamboo and plum blossoms are tied for second. Cranes have fallen off my radar.

This page was done for a friend of mine. It's an effort to class up a stapled and taped monstrosity with a cut-out magazine image of an Asian woman in lingerie as the cover's focal point that she received in a personal swap with someone who swore she'd be sending her an artistic deco. Sure.

This is the final deco page. A while ago I saw someone's artwork with water-soluable crayons where she left the initial lines of crayon visible. I liked the way it looked, so I decided to give it a shot here for a hot colours deco. My favourite bit is the leaf. Some artwork in the window at Caban was the inspiration for the flower shape. I cannot, however, spiral and ruffle at the same time. I have to spiral and then ruffle. Oi.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Cellissimo said...

Beautiful artwork in all of your posts! And yay for homers!

Odilon said...

A belated thank you and another Yay!