I was going to post about my drawing session this past Sunday but a homer is so much more exciting.

Last September, I sent this deco out into the world. I had never received one home that was passed around in the traditional method, ie randomly, before this one. The two completed decos that I do have in my possession were ones sent into the world with established flight lists to people who had asked to work in the booklet. Although I love both of these flight-list decos, they aren't "homers" in the true sense of the word. The deco to the left, on the other hand, is.

The theme was watercolour. It's an accordion book. On each page there's a pouch with a tag in it made from watercolour paper and on the back cover is my contact info. You can see the actual construction of both watercolour decos I made for this swap in this post. The sewn one was made for Amy, who did the first tag in this deco.

Below are the completed tags with the appropriate credits. Thank you to everyone who worked on it! And to everyone else: Enjoy!

Amy Smith
who should really update her blog soon.

who is awesome (but you knew that).

who really should have a blog.

who should also update her blog.

This was such a wonderful surprise to find in my mailbox after a hard day of teaching the bane of my existence (Czech comparative adjectives and adverbs) and a meeting with my advisor and the other student writing with her. I didn't get home until 22.00. I opened the envelope while I watched the garden party episode of Project Runway. I cannot believe we're four weeks behind in Canada. Grrrrr.... At least we're up-to-date on The Amazing Race.

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