Imaginary Lands RR

I had wanted to do the cover for this booklet as one continuous piece. I painted this spread. Acrylics on 140lbs watercolour paper. As always, I loved mixing the colours. I especially loved adding matte medium to the purple to produce a hazy effect in the more distant mountains.

When I folded the piece in half, I had a problem, however. The half of the painting that should have been the cover worked within the context of the longer piece but looked pretty blah on its own. What to do? Olfa knife to the rescue! I cut the piece in half and switched the halves.

Much better.


Tam said...

WOW! So bright, I love it. I think I've been doing to much collage and not enough hand done stuff. You've inspired me to paint my next project!

Odilon said...

Thank you! It's funny because I keep thinking that I'm doing too much hand-done stuff at the moment. Maybe my next project will be collage.