1. Today's blog of note on the Blogger front page is Rick Mercer's. Does anyone outside of Canada know who the heck Gilles Duceppe is or why photoshopped images of him should be funny? An aside: holy cow the picture of him in the Wikipedia article is frightening. A shirt can bring out the colour of your eyes. They shouldn't match exactly.

2. Margaret Rankin is the current front runner for artist from who we will purchase out second anniversary piece of art. She's local too!

3. I'd like a set of these stamps too.

4. That part in Ralph Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis where it sounds like an organ but it's not actually an organ, it's the second string orchestra playing without vibrato is Pure Genius.

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wolfa said...

The photoshop contests haven't been funny in quite a while. Just like Rick Mercer, really.

Odilon said...

Then I suppose it's no great tragedy that I can never remember when he's on during the week.