What I Did This Weekend

To be honest, it wasn't much. Or, it doesn't seem like much. There is a plan for reorganizing my art space. There is also a plan for reorganizing the art supplies because we have a lot of paper. This will probably mean a trip to IKEA on Thursday and the purchase of boxes. Eventually, there will also be some shelving too. I also worked on cleaning the office because our landlord is supposedly going to install a radiator in this room. He hasn't bothered to tell us on which day(s), though.

The entire apartment is also clean now. I suppose that that's worth something.

I ordered some books by Nick Bantock from the TPL for a RR deco. It's the style chosen by the deco creator and, to be quite honest, I haven't looked at a Nick Bantock book since high school. I suppose that that's art-related.

And then I finished up this deco. It's a single-image deco. The image with which everyone will have to work is a detail from a Czech medieval altar. If it didn't involve getting up, I'd get you the details. Once again, I did the whole washi collage and layers of colour thing. There's quite a bit of depth to the cover but a low-resolution scan doesn't really make that obvious. The actual image is also much darker. The blue bits on top aren't so bright. All wonkiness is due to my half-asses scanning last night. It happens.


alteredaimee said...

Delish!! I love the depth you are getting with this technique.


Odilon said...

Thank you! I'm slightly addicted to it, in case you couldn't tell. :-D If there's no depth, I glue on some watermark tissue.