Complementary Colours deco for EC. It's layers of tissue collage with water colour and some sewing. I realized as I prepped the water colour paper for the cover that I'm almost out of gesso. Eek!


miss fish said...

Hey - that's really nice!
Is that hand or machine stitched in the middle?

Odilon said...


The sewing was done by hand. I'm skeered of the sewing machine.

Cellissimo said...

I love the way layered tissue looks! Gesso goes fast, doesn't it?

alteredaimee said...

Wowza!!! This is most beautiful! The texture of this piece is to die for! -Aimee

Odilon said...

Thank you!

Yes, gesso disappears in like, no time.

I'm liking the layers of tissue thing, especially since I found a stash of textured rayon tissue in a box somewhere.

The technique seems to be loosening up my style a fair bit, which is fun and scary.

gwensmom said...

Hi Zhenia I just remembered I have a password on Blogger so I can comment on your stuff. And I love your stuff!

I love the hand stitched green piece in the middle. But you've gotta get over your fear of sewing machines. You can do so much with them!