This is incredibly tempting. I could finally do something with my favourite extended metaphor ever:

People sniff-
it smells like burnt flesh!
They've called out help.
Bright and shining!
In helments!
Please, no big boots!
Tell the firemen:
A burning heart must be climbed caressingly,
I'll do it myself.
I'll pump out barrels of tears from my eyes.
Let me brace myself on my ribs.
I'll leap out! Out I'll leap! Out I'll leap!
The've collapsed.
You can't leap out of the heart!

On my smoldering face
From the crevices of lops,
a charred bit of kiss has risen to be thrown.

God, I love Maiakovskii!

My soul does not contain a single grey hair,
nor any of an old man's tenderness!
Having shaken the world with the thunder of my voice,
I walk along - handsome
twenty-two years old.

(Both quotes taken from "Cloud in Paints" as translated by Carl Proffer and Mary Ann Szporluk.)

I suppose that I'll see what I can get done this weekend and if there's still an open spot come Monday, I'll take it as a sign that I was meant to do this.


miss fish said...

Ooooh. That is tempting, Isn't it? I think that's the first one that's looked really interesting to me...

nuKKe said...

I am tempted as well, but I have already signed up to the shoes chunky and to FAV III. Hearts is one of my fave subjects, though.