Member of the Month deco for Heather at DDC. Made with acrylics, watermark tissue, artist ink, water colours, silk thread, and beads.


cellissimo said...

Pretty! I love spirals! Just out of curiosity, what is watermark tissue? I may need to get myself some...

Odilon said...

Thank you! I must admit, I love the way this turned out. I wanted to keep it for myself.

Here's some links to the watermark tissue I use. I buy it at the Paper Place (formerly The Japanese Paper Place), of course. I only use the white stuff consistently in collage. I figure that if I want it to be a different colour, I'll dye it or paint it.

Grid: I love this one because it has so much texture.

Seikhaiha: This one is great for mimicking nature patterns, eg scales, leaf veins, etc.

Ukigumo: During my string-print obsession, I printed on this one all the time. It was my first watermark tissue love.

When I don't want texture, I just use rayon tissue. I also sometimes use mulberry paper but I find that rayon is so much more transparent. It just isn't as textural.

Cellissimo said...

Ah ha! I have seen this kind of paper - I just didn't know what it was called.

I tend to use mulberry paper because that's what I have easiest access to. I love layering complimentry colors together or laying single piece over an image with strong, but the mulberry paper has to be a very light color for that to work. I'll have to check out rayon tissue.

Thanks for the links! I love looking at paper! I love hoarding it even more!