This was a complete departure for me. Perhaps not the collaging technique, but lavender and lace was a theme that I was convinced I couldn't work with until I received a deco in that theme. The background is one of the machine-made decorative papers Ptichka and I bought at BeautifulPaperLand: The Warehouse Sale. I then glued on some paper lace that Kelli (for whom the deco is). I should've polymered the crap out of it but I didn't. Then I collaged over torn bits of white tissue. After the goop dried, I painted the thing purple. Ptichka turned up some purple rayon tissue that is pretty lacey. I glued that down, punched out some flowers in lavender and purple, glued those down, and then painted the whole shebang with gold interference paint. I think that I'm addicted to this stuff. I want it in silver now.

In case I don't get to post tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be having some bloody roast beef because that's what we like. I hope that you all get to eat something yummy too.

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Beth Robinson said...

Wow. Great layers and echoing. You're definitely tempting me to go on an interferance paint hunt. Stuff sounds very entertaining. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.