Pretty Things Made by Other People

That thing I made this weekend? I forgot to scan it before mailing it off. Whoops! I've also been too busy to actually make anything, so here are a couple of links to pretty things you can buy and have shipped to Canada for a reasonable price. I love people with reasonable shipping, especially when those people are Jill Bliss and the Paper Princess.

Over at the Paper Princess, I'd like one of everything minus the deer and the computer cards.

And then there's Jill Bliss. I must admit, I didn't like her stuff at first because I was a cretin. I have better taste now. Go take a look now! I especially heart the poppy card (make sure that you look at the second image of it) and blue-eyed grass print in this set. I had contemplated buying Ptichka this for her birthday. While she liked it, she didn't seem thrilled by it. Back to the drawing board. I've got a couple more ideas but they'll take some looking.

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