A while ago Ptichka checked out Gerald Brommer's book Collage Techniques from the library. We've both been going a bit nuts with his torn washi techniques. I used it on the leafless tree deco page that I posted recently. She used it for her lemon and lime deco covers.

This is my latest creation using Brommer's technique. I think that it will be the cover to an autumn deco in an upcoming swap. If there's no autumn swap, then I'll either hoard it or send it out as part of a free expression swap.

I painted the trees with water colours and then glued down torn bits of mulberry paper and rayon tissue. I kept the coloured pieces of paper about even with the outline of the trees and glued white tissue down everywhere else. After things dried, I painted a water colour wash in yellow and red over the trees, painted two washes in ultramarine over the sky bits and used writing ink and my pen to draw in the tree trunks.

It's all very loose, which is so very not me, but I think that I like it.
In other news, that round robin that I had earlier dismissed out of hand because I don't like mini, has become a mini journal RR, instead of a mini deco RR. In other words, it's now a deco RR and I'm tempted. I'd pick Artistic Asian Botanicals as my theme. Yummy!


Cellissimo said...

Just got caught up with your blog. Great to see that you're still keeping up with being creative despite the teaching schedule! I love your work, and this collage is quite inspiring. Mind if I copy you and try it out? I have a load of mulberry paper that needs a project.

Sounds like you scored at PaperLand! I can't wait to see pictures! Is Ptichka back yet? By the way, congratulations on the one year anniversary!

Odilon said...

Thank you and thank you!

It's the only way to stay sane. I also teach until 19.00, so I figure that I can't really do actual work before bedtime.

Please, go ahead and use this technique. Ptichka got it from the Brommer book and I swiped it from her. You can see her examples of this technique on her art journal, which is in my sidebar under "She sings the prettiest songs."

Pictures are coming soon of BeautifulPaperLand.

Turtle Jones said...
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Turtle Jones said...

Hi Zhenia! Found you thru Sharpie Scouts. I love your collage! Nice blog, too! :)

Sorry...goofed on my comment & had to delete. :(