This is a page in a Leaves Deco. Water colour crayon, all the way.

We'll be heading off to Beautiful Paper Land in about an hour. After a brief discussion, we've decided to look for tissue paper (Ptichka's dreaming of kozo tissue, the discovery of which would probably make both of us shake apart right there in the warehouse), cardstock, Nepalese paper, garish Indian paper if they have any (which I doubt. The Indian paper stocked at the actual store is very classy. Here's hoping that they're just hiding the hot pink!), cheap envelopes (because making my own envelopes for every deco swap is getting tiresome), and anything else we can find that's tasty. But basically the theme of this trip is translucent.

If you're in or around Toronto and want to visit the warehouse sale at Beautiful Paper Land, more info is here.

We missed it last year because it was on the same day as our wedding, although we had actually planned on sneaking away in the morning. That, my friends, did not happen. The only place I got to sneak away to on Saturday was Chairman Mills with my father-in-law.

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