Both of these decos are for a Japanese art deco swap at EC. The top one is a traditional cherry blossom motif. I discovered earlier that in Japanese design, the only difference between a plum blossom and a cherry blossom, is the notch in each petal of a cherry blossom. Drawn with Indian Ink and coloured in with my swanky new Prismcolour coloured pencils. Ooooo. The blossoms are mounted on Japanese linen paper. The pages are cover stock and the entire thing is bound with silk thread and a simple pamphlet binding.

The second deco is for my partner, Miss Fish. The koi is drawn in Indian ink (by me, I should add. This drawing thing is getting easier) and painted in with cheap water colours. I realized last night that I don't own any high-quality yellow paints or even a decent orangey red paint. Oops. I should rectify that. The fish is mounted on lightweight card stock, the pages are 90lbs water colour paper, and everything is held together by some Japanese stab binding in orange silk thread.

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Beth Robinson said...

These are both very nicely drawn with good coloring. I've always liked the cherry blossom motif and your rendition is sweet.