I was wasting time last night because I was too tired to work and Ptichka wasn't around for me to bug (she was off doing her time on the picket line) and decided to finally check out Flickr. Of course I checked out the Gocco Group and it successfully kept my desire for a Print Gocco stoked. Then I searched for everything with the tag vintage fabric. Yummy! And zakka, which should have quenched my thirst for cuteness, but it didn't. These baby ducks, on the other hand, did. And for some really beautiful stuff, check out the Japanses maple cluster.

Ahh, a new form of procastination. Rawk!


Cellissimo said...

I want a Gocco so badly my teeth ache when I think about it (from clenching my jaw in determination). This leads me to spend hours scouring through eBay, trying to land the best deal on a Gocco, but some twit always outbids me. The more I look at Flickr the more I like it. I have Photobucket now, which is serviceable but not as much fun.

Odilon said...

I feel your Gocco pain. I want one too, but they're all from American sellers on eBay, which isn't going to do me a fat lot of good. Oh! The shipping! Ptichka and I are thinking about asking for one for Christmas. AND my first paycheque from a real job will go for a table-top press. Ooooo... The remainder of that paycheque will go for a cheese-tasting party because eating cheese whenever I want = adult world.

I like Flickr because it can be terribly public and I love the tags but I think that I'll keep my Photobucket account too.