It was the wrong move to question the rights of the people and to try to override the Charter [of Rights and Freedoms]. He [Stephen Harper] must not be very proud of that.
-Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion
I hope that Stephen Harper's not very proud of introducing a flashy political bill that would have done nothing (much like the whole Québec as nation thing) and, more importantly, could have led to a Canadian government reintroducing inequality among the country's citizens, but I don't give the man that much credit. Thank goodness most parliamentarians have more common sense than the current PM. Here's hoping that under Dion the Liberals can get it together and force an election soon. I can't handle much more of Bush light. He may have single-handedly made Canadian women equal with a flourish of white-out, but I'd still like to see him gone. I guess I'm a (sarcastic) ingrate.

Therre's nothing below the fold.

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