Bullets o' Stuff

  • I'm tired.
  • On Project Runway there were two designers whom I did not like at all (well, three if you count the crazy one). One was involved in a scandal and the other one won. The redemption edit the winner received made me hiss. I think that I may be breaking up with PR.
  • A link to the latest addition to my inspiration board.
  • My advisor told me last night: "Don't make it [the diss] worse." I think that she was teasing me, but my real-world interface is busted these days.
  • I'm looking for lunch suggestions. Something portable, fast, and healthy that does not involve bread. If I have one more sandwich, I. will. scream.

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georgeious said...

sooooooooop! i've been on a total soup kick for lunch as of late. probably a winter thing. me likee miso soup.

it's either that or toting lots of little tiny bags of random things like cashews and raisins and stuff. throw in a banana (maybe a granola bar or some cheese, too) and it should keep you busy, depending on how light you like your lunches.

now i'm feeling snacky again. yum.