Transformation ATC: WIP?

I'm currently working on my transformation ATCs for a swap that I'm hosting in several places. Well, I mostly think about my transformation ATCs in between mad writing binges. (My new-found dedication to my dissertation is seriously eating into my art time.) I'm aiming to have Burian finished and sent to my advisor by Sunday evening. If I make the deadline, I get to feed the letterpress fiend in me with these. I will make this deadline.

To the left is the first of my transformation ATCs. I wanted to play with colour mixing because that's a transformation of sorts. Cerulean blue + hansa yellow = the green stripe. Everytime I look at the card, I like it a bit more. I especially like the fact that it looks like a landscape.

I am unsure, though, if that's just my brain giving in. What do you think?

There's nothing below the fold.


Jean Skipper said...

It does look like a landscape. In fact it reminds me of the beach. The color is great; but I particularly like the texture too.

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm here because I had to investigate the sender (lol), and when I saw "woot" I knew it had to be you!

Kirsten said...

Love it - I think you could definitely leave it as is - especially the "sky". I could see some stiching happening down at the bottom, maybe some vertical "grasses", but I dunno. Good luck!