I Feel Lucky

I don't normally get home until after 20.00 on Tuesdays. I went to the library first and checked my e-mail. These prints by Maria Passarotti went on sale at 19.30. The run was sold out by 19.50. I bought print number fifty-something. I'm tempted to eat it, it looks so good, but then I wouldn't be able to admire it.

You can check out more of Maria Passarotti's work here. It's all good enough to eat.
There's nothing below the fold.


gwensmom said...

You ARE lucky! those prints are gorgeous.

gwensmom said...
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andrea from the fishbowl said...

Gah! You are one lucky stinker! How did you get in before they sold? Are you on a special list or something?

Odilon said...

GM: Yeah and since I already have one Tiny Showcase print, I know they'll lookg gorgeous in person too.

A: I am on the e-mail list. I sent you a message with the details.

But, yeah! affordable art!