Most of my brain is focused on teaching and writing at the moment. * Why else would I get excited during my daily perusal of novinky.cz that there's a news story about the birth rate in the Czech Republic? This ties in with the article we just read about living arrangements in the Czech Republic! We can use numbers! There are irregular comparatives! YEAH! Welcome to the life of a language teacher.

With my brain being elsewhere these days, expect lots of links. Like this one to Jaime Zollars. I especially enjoyed the step-by-step section and I will keep hoping for another limited edition silkscreen print to appear on the site.

*At the moment, the rest of the brain is trying to figure out what the big scandal on Project Runway is. Yes, my Yankee friends, Project Runway has come and gone for you, but tonight's Scandal Night here in Canada. I.Cannot.Wait. Ptichka and I have been promised that the scandal is big and well-worth-it. Did I mention already that I cannot wait. Well, I can't.
There's nothing below the fold.


gwensmom said...

The scandal is pretty good- be sure to watch.

hey can I come and audit your class?

Odilon said...

1. *jumps up and down*

2. Ah ha ha ha ha hgrrrrrrrrr......

georgeious said...

how did you enjoy le big scandale??? that bastard had it coming to him. i'm all aflutter waiting for you to see more of this season. should we be ashamed of ourselves for being so addicted to something so moronic or just go with it and be happy we're not keith? hehehehe

Odilon said...

The scandal was awesome! I was so happy to see Keith get kicked off. I'd hated him since he called Laura a "feminazi." And then, when he wouldn't take responsibility for his actions? Argh! Loser!

And man, was Angela lucky she had such an awesome team for that challenge. She brought the crazy, the other two brought the taste (and talent).

I am not in the least ashamed of being a PR addict.