So, do I root for Italy on Sunday because the party will be on my doorstep and much fun or do I root for France because, well, they're Les bleus?

There's nothing below the fold.


georgeious said...

mary and i were talking about this. after england lost they were a mess, so it's now a bit more arbitrary for them as well. tim's idea of rooting for france is being glad that they don't cross themselves before a game. whaaa....? catholics shouldn't win the world cup? huh? that nutty boy.

i'm still waffling, because italy is good, but what all sports really need (in my infinite wisdom) is crazy french people being crazy french people. it makes things more interesting.

we can all agree, however, that it was too damn funny how scott speed bit it on turn one of the f1 race last weekend. scott speed sucks.

Odilon said...

Is Tim aware that the French team's captain is a non-practicing Muslim? I love Zizou.

I think it's coming down to I want France to win but I want the Italians in my neighborhood to party as though their team had won. I think that's fair.

I know nothing about F1 racing except for Jacques Villeneuve (I lived in Quebec when he was doing well), so I'm going to take your word for it. Scott Speed is a pretty dippy name for a racer too. Prophetic? My arse.

georgeious said...

errr, i was wrong about the catholic thing. i think it had more to do with italy's writhing on the ground and overacting about getting injured in the last match. my bad. i knew i had to be confused. "fongul!"

i'm going to flip a coin on rooting and then just wait to find out what the reaction will be in suckifornia after the whole thing is done. do you think the people here even know where those countries are on a map?

do you think they could even find suckifornia on a map? oooh, i'm evil.

Odilon said...

In light of how much Suckifornia, well, sucks, I'm sure most people know where it is because they're gradually being pulled towards it.

You wanna see some divers? Check out Portugal in a couple of hours. They had this great synchronized routine in the semi-finals. A ball went by two Portuguese players, there wasn't a French jersey within miles, and both players flopped to the ground. Beautiful.

I'm going to turn on the television and see what happens. And then *sniff* it'll all be over and Toronto will suck for another four years.

georgeious said...

it's all over *sniff*

but i bet there's a great party all around you. woohoo! those people know how to be merry for sure.

Odilon said...

We just got back from the party. It is huge. Pictures tomorrow.