Pardon My French

It is late evening - May first -
Evening May - it is love's hour;
The turtledove's voice calls to love:
"Hynek! Vilem!! Jarmila!!!
Fuck you, clown!!!!"
P.S. Someone graces the comments with that Pushkin poem all second-year language students learn.

P.P.S. The above quote is from Mácha's May. But you knew that already. ;-)

There's nothing below the fold.


V.K. Soaplash said...

ahhhh that's awesome. Can I lift it for my bloggy too? I'm thinking ts eliot's lovesong for j alfred prufrock......thanks for your words, yer sure swell. Haddock would surely be into a 'zine, oh yesh. Love your inspirational by-line up there, too.

miss fish said...

I have Macha's Maj in Czech somewhere around here. And my mother's name is Jarmila. :)

Odilon said...

V: Please do. Clowns could do nothing but help Eliot. And the inspirational line is borrowed from Jack London. Who knew?

MF: I've gotten to the point where I know the poem so well in the original, I can hear it in my sleep. It's gorgeous česky so I don't mind. ;-) Jarmila was my first Czech teacher's name. It felt odd a couple of years ago when she told me to call her "Jara." Ah well, at least she didn't insist that I tykat her.

miss fish said...

Me: I mix my tykat and vykat.