A page in a hand-carved stamp deco for Penny. The scanner really mucked around with the colours, which is too bad. Silk paper, shibori (!), chiyogami, sequins, silk thread, chalk ink, hand-carved stamp, and a bit of renegade white acrylic. You can't see it that much on the original, thank goodness.

Nothing exciting happened here yesterday. I walked into campus, returned some very heavy library books, checked out different very heavy library books, read a long article, ran into my advisor who told me to "stop looking at her like that" (whatever that means), crossed some middling stuff off my to-do list, crossed some big stuff off my to-do list, contemplated studying French, avoided studying French, made dinner on the grill (!), tried to peel myself off the couch, failed, watched too much television, and went to bed.

I am hoping that nothing too exciting happens here today. I'd like to write a cover letter, reformat my resume, write three pages of my introduction, add a few books to my bibliography, pay some bills, and study French. Fingers crossed.

There's nothing below the fold.

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Cellissimo said...

Very pretty! I love the colors.