Monday Herb Blogging

We went up to Richters Herbs yesterday with some friends and came back with a pile of seedlings. I think that we may be done buying plants for the season, unless, of course, the eggplants I transplanted last weekend bite it. It's raining today and it's been about a week since they moved, so hopefully they'll start bouncing back. The tomatoes have finally adjusted to their new surroundings.

To the left is lime balm. I think. We bought one balm and two mints. It's kind of difficult to tell them apart. Lime balm is like lemon balm, but without the chemically overtones. We think that it'll be super in teas. Yum.

Lemon verbena

Upland cress

Silver thyme

Lesbos basil. How could we not buy it?


V.K. Soaplash said...

Hey Z, thanks for saying hi...I swear I was just over here reading a day or so ago but NO it's been a week or some darn thing! I love your writings. That postcrossing card really is sweet! I've done a few of those and that is exceptional. Postcardx is fun too..and so is robot inundation army's atc exchange modeled on the same format/grab bag. I was just out riding my bike and passed a small stand of wild fennel which would make perfect models for dry point etching...not to mention it smells sooo good..and here you're writing about herbs. Very yummy nice. Have a good one and I think I read that the end is finally really in sight for your diss? Yay and congrats!!!

Odilon said...


Where is this robot inundation army atc exchange thing? Is it still going? It sounds cool.

I saw some bronze fennel at the herb place. It was gorgeous and would make a beautiful dry point etching. Fennels a gorgeous plant.

And yeah, I'm defending in December. Phew. I can't believe that it'll be over in sixish months.