Mail in!

Mail usually arrives when I need a pick-me-up most. Although my meeting with my advisor provided a pretty substantial pick-me-up, I would be remiss* to not share scans of my spoils with you.

Spoil one: An envie from George, which contained a hand-written note on a lovely card, some ribbon in the colours we're using to redo our kitchen (How did you know?), and two mood alert forms (one for me and one for Ptichka).

Spoil two: The cutest frog postcard since almost ever, which I received via Postcrossing, which is kind of like PostcardX, except with rules. This postcard was especially awesome because the message on the back didn't fall into the typical Postcrossing pattern. Usually, people send a tourist postcard with information about the place on the front on the back. This one offered more of a snapshot of where the sender is in life. She's waiting. I can relate.

There's much reading and studying to be done, so I'm off! Have a good weekend, everyone!

*My liberal bias below:

Holy cow! Check out the sample sentence for "remiss" in the default dictionary on my iMac: "The media have been remiss in portraying bisexuality as a valid identity." WTF? Who compiled my dictionary and how do I convince them to take their regressive sexuality elsewhere?

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