I keep trying to shake the feeling that today is going to suck but it's hard.

Here's my running tab of ominous and not-so-ominous signs:

  1. I am going to use the grill tonight to make hamburgers!
  2. I no longer need to revise chapter 4, which is my worst chapter, by the way.
  3. Tomorrow is Friday
  4. I'm mailing a bunch more stuff that should've been mailed ages ago.
  5. I had the world's shortest flip-out yesterday. Go me!
  6. The French is coming along swimmingly. Go lengthy exposure to the language and a Francophone wife!
  7. Someone very talented and speedy offered to fill in for someone else in what we call chez nous The Round Robin from Hades. It might get wrapped up before I defend!
  1. I cannot find my extra pack of printer paper.
  2. I no longer need to revise chapter 4 because it's going in the garbage (or it will be after I talk to my advisor this afternoon. She doesn't believe me, but let me tell you something, I'm the expert and I say it goes in the trash).
  3. I need to rewrite chapter four (see above).
  4. I am exhausted.
  5. I have to go to the main library today (and tomorrow).
So I guess the day could go either way. My horoscope, which I always read when I'm feeling stressed and tired is promising:

Sometimes the best part of making a long climb up a steep hill isn't the view at the top -- it's the blast you can have speeding down the other side! Keep that in mind when the ending of a process or attainment of a goal will signal a long period of fun, relaxing and fast-paced joy. You can toss your cares a side, take your hands off the handlebars and let out a nice loud 'Wheeeeeee!' to let the world know that you're loving where you are right now.

Only six more months.

How's everyone else doing these days?

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Kirsten said...

That *is* a great horoscope! It seems really fitting for your situation. Keep the eye on the prize, eh? I'm wondering how my summer vacation managed to get completely scheduled before it has barely begun. Not that I'm complaining, because I have lots of fun travelling on the horizon, but those lazy days of summer seem to be in the past now that I'm officially an adult!