Always up for a Challenge

Tackling the big, avec-cut-out weird creatures book was the least of my fearless feats in the past couple of weeks. I also finally did a page in what I'm pretty sure is a wedding deco. There's a picture of a wedding party on front, it's all white, and there a congratulatory ribbons in tied to the binding. Wedding? Wedding.

Totally not me and yet me all at the same time. Pastels? Not me. Tulips? Me. Ribbon? Me. Watercolour crayons? Me. Stubby tulips (that someone special says look like feminine hygiene products). Me (the stubby tulip part, not the feminine hygiene part). I guess it's more me than I had previously thought. Go me.

I'm going to try something completely new today and go to the local library for a couple hours' worth of revision work. I need to rewrite the intro of my worst chapter. If I do it in public, I can't cry. Here's hoping that the old people haven't taken all the tables yet.

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Cellissimo said...

Beautiful! I also loved the words page, too. Cute kitty pictures, too!

I hope all is well!