WiP It

This weekend was spent doing nothing much of anything. I wrote a bit, lazed a bit, finally set up my grading spreadsheet (formulas supplied by Ptichka), and had a minor scare about losing my grade submission form. It was right where I had left it: in my carrel.

This week promises to be busy. My students finally write their final exam. Two editing courses for which I registered begin this week (they sounded like a good idea until I realized that they would involve work), another obligation thrust upon me by the advisor gets going, and I am still trying to finish this $*!(#@^ chapter.

I'm also getting supplies ready for the beeswax and konnyaku workshop this Saturday. My first JPP workshop! I've decided to make a couple spare bird ATCs because they'd be nice dipped in beeswax and I've been dyeing paper using Ptichka's silk dyes to bring. To the right is one of my papers in progress. It's all rather tedious: paint, iron to set, paint, iron to set, but I figure that it'll provide a decent break in between writing sessions. I've also hit the point in the process where the colours are really starting to, um, pop, although not always for good. I have this hideous piece of dead-man's-lips purple that has me at a loss. It may be time to just chuck it in a bowl of dye and start again.

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