Last night I finished dyeing a couple of sheets of paper. There are a few that I need to finish up today during writing breaks. I don't think that I'll bring them all to my class tomorrow because I'd like to sew some of them and maybe draw on some of them but I will bring a few. The basic process is easy peasy: Paint with silk dyes, iron to set, paint with silk dyes, iron to set, and on and on and on and on and on until you are happy with the paper. It does take quite a bit of time to produce really saturated colours. The paper on the left involved many, many layers of dye. I also experimented with spattering dye. Next time, I'll spatter on dry paper as opposed to wet paper for crisper outlines. I love how saturated and luminous the colours are.

Ptichka noticed that I've been pretty tone-on-tone lately. The sample to the right confirms that. This is a quarter of another sheet in blues and greens. I'm contemplating giving it another go round with the dyes, although the blue in the bottom left corner is pretty vivid.

I've also drawn a couple of bird ATCs to bring to the workshop because I think that they'll look beautiful dipped in beeswax. I'm undecided as to what else to bring. Pencils? Yes. Pitt artist pens? Yes. My Fred B. Mullet botanical stamps and some ink pads? Maybe. Coloured pencils? Paints? I just don't know. Maybe.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.


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