I am doing something other than reading and writing, reading and writing, reading and writing. At 14.00, I sneak out of my office with some art supplies and settle in on the sofa and watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report,* while working on some random (overdue) project. Yesterday, inspired by a postcard by Lotta Jansdotter, I did a page in a pink and orange deco. Acrylics, chiyogami, watermark tissue, and silk thread.

*And for the record, because I know you want to know, I loved Stephen Colbert's address at the White House Correspondents Dinner. The reason the press didn't cover it, isn't because the man wasn't funny, like some news outlets are claiming, but because his form of satire hits a bit too close to home. As Joan Walsh writes in Salon:

It's silly to debate whether Colbert was entertaining or not, since what's "funny" is so subjective. In fact, let's even give Colbert's critics that point. Clearly he didn't entertain most of the folks at the dinner Saturday night, so maybe Scheiber's right -- he wasn't "entertaining." The question is why. If Colbert came off as "shrill and airless," in Lehman's words, inside the cozy terrarium of media self-congratulation at the Washington Hilton, that tells us more about the audience than it does about Colbert.

Colbert's deadly performance did more than reveal, with devastating clarity, how Bush's well-oiled myth machine works. It exposed the mainstream press' pathetic collusion with an administration that has treated it -- and the truth -- with contempt from the moment it took office. Intimidated, coddled, fearful of violating propriety, the press corps that for years dutifully repeated Bush talking points was stunned and horrified when someone dared to reveal that the media emperor had no clothes. Colbert refused to play his dutiful, toothless part in the White House correspondents dinner -- an incestuous, backslapping ritual that should be retired. For that, he had to be marginalized. VoilĂ : "He wasn't funny."

If you haven't seen the routine yet, you can watch it here.

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