Walk one mile from home every day and record what you see.

There's nothing below the fold.


V.K. Soaplash said...

hi there - just read your post to Nness on the bird deco...and I'm so glad you are joining the deco group! So I decided to come on over here and see what's up..I like your blog and I LOVE your avatar/icon! Did you paint that?! And in your consumerism sidebar, you've reminded me of a film I've meant to see...Faust..so I put it on hold at the library (where I happen to work!). I like your writing too. Looking forward to swapping and staring. I walk home a couple miles from work, btw, a couple times a week and I do just that - record stuff. Cool. anon!

Odilon said...

The avatar is from a painting by Odilon Redon. I wish I had done it.

Yeah, Faust rocks. I love Svankmajer. I think that he may be one of my favourite directors evah!