It's Spring!

My office window is open and my hands are not freezing. It finally smells like spring too. It had been so odd seeing all of the blooming crocuses and mini irises that signal spring's arrival but not being able to smell spring in the air yet. It was like watching one television show while listening to another. Cognitive dissonance is fun until it starts messing with spring.

I received the bunny postcard from an old mail friend on Friday. It may be the cutest bunny I've ever seen.

In other news, I had a pretty poor day yesterday, even though it was supposed to be my day off. I opened an e-mail that I knew I should have left sitting in my in-box until this morning. It completely killed any urge I had to galavant. I walked along Queen West after running my errands and nothing was right. The colours were wrong. The textures were itchy. The smells nauseating. I came home depressed and angry. When I had left the house in the morning, I had only been angry.

I've decided that I'm going to take Thursday off now. And I will not look at my official e-mails until Friday. I have so many things to make at the moment and so many ideas about almost all my projects that I'd really love to wake up early and hole up in the office with some art supplies. This had been the plan for yesterday until I discovered an overdue library book and an empty printer cartridge. Oh, and read the e-mail. I would take Friday off but Thursday is a friend's going away dinner. He's heading off to Malawi for six weeks for work. I suspect that I'll be recuperating from dinner and that's no way to spend a free day. Friday's also already a holiday. There's no joy in taking a day off when everyone else has it off too.

Last night, I discovered make your own damn award over on The Wish Jar Journal. I was so mopey that I printed it out and made myself one.

I felt much better afterwards. I am outstanding in all things dissertation related. Especially the procrastination.

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nici said...

AWwww! That IS cute!!