Inspiring Me This Week (and Probably Next Week Too)

I'm storing up ideas for an imaginary lands round robin in which I'm participating. It doesn't hurt that I spend tonnes of time thinking about the use of dramatic and theatrical space because of my dissertation too.

In lieu of original artwork, here's some artwork by other people.

A piece of katazome-shi that I bought last weekend at the Paper Place. I love the designs on this type of paper. I'd love to buy an entire sheet of most of the designs but they're expensive and don't lend themselves well to my work. I suppose that I'll keep buying little sheets to hang on my inspiration board then.

The same katazome-shi pattern in blue.

Rodina moia (My Motherland) by Aleksandr Goriaev. I must admit that the one thing I will miss about no longer being a graduate student is wandering the 12th floor at Robarts. Actually, wandering the stacks at Robarts period will bum me out a bit. The 12th floor, which is where my carrel and the Slavic lit books are located, also houses the art history section. I found this piece in a slim volume for a travelling exhibition called Archetypes put on by the group Mitki (English information here and here.)

This is from another random stack find: a catalog to a Berlin exhibition of Chen Chi-Kwan's paintings. I couldn't find extensive on-line information in English about him. I am going to post some more scans from this book, though. His work is amazing. Most of the canvases are huge too. I'd love to see an exhibition in person. Maybe in a few years? He turned eighty in 2001, so hopefully there will be some 90th birthday celebrations in 2011.

iCal just opened the chapter on which I should be working and reminded me that I need to add 1500 words today, so I suppose that it's time to get to work.


Cellissimo said...

Beautiful papers! And thanks of the info on Chen Chi-Kwan. I'm going to go look him up!

Odilon said...

I wish they weren't so expensive. Stupid handmade paper. Grrrr....

I think that everyone in the imaginary lands rr is going to get a Chen Chi-Kwan inspired spread. I'll post some more scans later this week when I run out of original content. Heh.