If You're Looking for Substance

then don't continue reading this post, the main purpose of which is to start pushing Lermontov's mug down and eventually off the page.





I have my first sunburn of the season...on my nose. I guess there wasn't much shade on my walk to campus.

I think that we're going button shopping on Saturday. I've been craving mother-of-pearl lately and Ptichka actually had a dream about shopping for it earlier this week. She wasn't successful in her dream. I am therefore hoping that shopping is one of those dreams of contrary, although I really don't need any buttons.

I also think that I may done watching this season's The Amazing Race. I think that the producers really botched the casting this season. No one's particularly interesting and no one's particularly charismatic. Everyone also seems to be pretty nasty this time around. Threatening to yield people because they don't leave you money? I would be full of hippy hate if it were worth it.

This has been better than the family edition, where the most exotic place they visited was Montréal but I'm still going to give it a big, fat "eh."


Chrysti said...

LOL!! Just the laugh i needed!

Kirsten said...

Yeah! Buttons! I just bought some buttons tonight - see this link -

Odilon said...

Sweet buttons. I need to figure out what to do with them. Hoard them, I suppose.