Hand-Drawn Flower Deco

The art is under the fold because it's a surprise. A surprise for someone who rarely reads this blog but it's a surprise nevertheless. So, if you wind up here, Tam, don't look under the fold!

In the past while I've worked on several beautiful decos made by Tam for someone else. I can't recall ever working on something she made for herself. So, here's one for Tam made by someone else. Watercolours and india ink. The cover is made from linen card. The interior pages are 90lbs watercolour paper. The binding is embroidery floss with some fibres added for decoration.

In real life news, the dissertation is still chugging along. I'm rewriting my last chapter because my advisor decided that I had missed the boat. She probably wasn't that far off in her assessment but I am getting tired of Paustovsky and his isolated writers. Young men and their whines just don't appeal to me anymore. In fact, the only struggling young man artist I've ever liked is Stephen Daedelus. O artificer, indeed.

I'm also contemplating throttling my advisor. That's probably another post. Without pictures.


Kirsten said...

beautiful flower painting, Zhenia - Tam is a lucky lady!

chrysti said...

This is gorgeous zh!! So hopeful... love it!

Odilon said...

Thanks you two!