Call Me Billy

I am finally getting ready to leave the house. There was much packing, taping, addressing, redoing, photocopying, and other assorted stuff to be done before I could leave the house because I want the couple of hours I am about to lose from my writing time to count. Of course, now that I have everything packaged and taped and addressed and copied and redone and organized, my original flight plan won't work because I have to pay a visit to another library, which is no where near anything else. And the post office is also a bit out of the way. So I have a feeling the next few hours if I left a trail of dotted lines behind me would look an awful lot like those Family Circus cartoons in which Billy goes from point A to point B while visiting every other letter of the alphabet in between. And that annoys me. I want a rocket pack to make it all go more quickly.

At least my horoscope for today is good:
Your creative juices are flowing, so lend your artistic spark to a project that could use some inspiration or break out an old project of your own. You'll find solutions to problems that you thought were previously insoluble.
Here's hoping that the problems all relate to the diss.

There's nothing below the fold.

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georgeious said...

"Here's hoping that the problems all relate to the diss."

hehehe, it sounds like you're in some kind of street brawl where the competition is all "yo mama's so" jokes and insults. just how well CAN you diss, toots?