It's Called Talent

Yesterday I accomplished something I never want to accomplish again: a negative word count. I wrote and deleted. Wrote and deleted. Wrote some more and then deleted even more. I'm about five hundred words in the hole today and I can't see myself climbing out of it with all the marking and what not I still have to do before class today.

So, a sop for you? Below the fold are a couple of mixed media pieces I've done lately for various things. I'll be back when there's more progress being made on this diss.

The cover of a tree deco for the member of the month swap at DDC. Chiyogami, unryu, page from a Japanese book, rayon tissue, acrylics.

The page from a blue deco for Nici. Acrylics, watermark tissue, chiyogami.


gwensmom said...

OMG negative word count DOES take talent! But those deco's look beeyootiful :)

Odilon said...

Yeah, I'm still in the hole too.

Thanks for the compliment on the deco pages. It was fun to cut and paste again.