WIP: Seascape or Landscape?

Below the cut is a scan of a current work in progress. It's for Heather who likes ocean colours.

I had started out planning to do a seascape but the green I've thrown in is making me think that this might want to be a landscape. My options: add another layer of light blue unryu strips to the bottom to mute the green a bit more and then go at it with some water colours for shading or I could go over the bottom with strips of green for a landscape before adding some paint. What do you think?

So far, I'm happy with the sky, although I think that I'll glue on some rayon tissue over the already dark "cloudy" bits (or do you think that I should stick with unryu? I'm afraid the entire thing is going to get too fibrous.) before adding some paint.

I splurged and bought a thinner unryu at The PP on Friday but I'm thinking that I need to find some transparent, fibre-free paper that isn't wrapping tissue.


Kirsten said...

I say seascape - the fibers just look very flowy like water. I like it! Too fibrous is a good thing! Stich it, too! I think it would be fun to stich the line where water meets sky.

Odilon said...

I'd love to stitch it but it's a prewrapped canvas and I could only find the really thick ones in 4" x 4". I suppose that I may have to use paint to separate sea and sky.