Why Should My Ten Friends on LJ Be the Only Ones Privy to This Deep Thought?

The answer to this question is painfully obvious. Let 'er rip. I can handle it.

Oh, and I apologize to Sarah for reading this twice.

I've always loved ski jumping. The original version, not the flashy one with all the acrobatics and baggy uniforms. Last night I watched the big hill event. As I watched I began to wonder if it's me or do ski jumpers mid-flight look an awful lot like flying squirrels?

Pictures below the fold.

Flying squirrel

Whee, indeed!
Ski jumper


wolfa said...

Not really, no. But I forgot how cute flying squirrels are, and how much I'd like one as a pet.

gwensmom said...


Odilon said...

Wolfangel: I suppose it was the beer then. I'd like a flying squirrel too.

Sarah: I have original scans for tomorrow. But, damn, I needed to spread the ski-jumping and flying-squirrel love.