My beast for a fantastic creatures round robin. I thought it was sweet that he sat still long enough for a portrait. I love how prim he looks.

The colours are much different in person. The green is more of an olive. I just uploaded a photo of the beast. The colours are much better now.

Painted with (new) acrylics and (new) brushes purchased at Aboveground's Customer Appreciation Day (I always forget how knowledgeable and nice they are there). I finally have a small but versatile stable of colours in my possession. I can mix just about anything. Whee!

There's nothing below the fold.


Cellissimo said...

Ooo! He's wonderful! I love the colors. I need to start using my acrylics...

Kirsten said...

Great work - I love the way he looks like he is sitting for a traditional portrait. Very fun.