Ptichka's first reaction to my page in a single-image deco: "That's so cool." On further examination she decided: "That's so sad." I had initially planned on going all vine-y on the image and I was definitely cutting it up but none of the images included were in colours conducive to vine. So I dragged out my thrift-store engineering manual and found a diagram. I, instead, went all beautiful mind on my image. I had thought about using Lermontov but that was too autobiographical for me. Then, I contemplated using Pushkin, specifically, "Don't let me go mad, God" ("Ne dai mne bog soiti s uma") because I think that the Romantic longing (don't be fooled by the first line) for alternate states of mind is bullshit but how many people would've "gotten it." So, I settled for an engineering diagram because "Math is hard." Thank you, Barbie. Pffft.

I am pretty happy with this at the moment.

It's also exactly how I feel.


miss fish said...

I really like this. I've come back to look at it a few times and something about it really works for me.

Odilon said...

Thanks. It's one of the few things of late that I've made and really liked. What I picture in my head and what's on the page are almost identical.