As promised, my paper heart ATCs for a private exchange with Miss Fish, who has an article on ATCs in an upcoming issue of Maisonneuve, which for you non-Canucks out there is a big deal.

This one is Italian and Japanese paper on watercoloured watercolour paper.

This one is Indian paper, silk thread, and watercoloured watercolour paper.

And now, I shall finally leave the house to buy bubble mailers and run a couple of other walking-distance errands. I have belatedly declared this a recoup from the semester day. Why not? I've already frittered away most of today. Maybe I'll do some dishes and take a nap later on. Dear lord, I suck.


miss fish said...

Thanks again Z.
I truly love them.

You know, my ATC collection has really improved since I stopped participating in group swaps. Well, let's just say that I've become a whole lot choosier. It saves me postage and time... two things that are pretty valuable these days!

p.s. does that make me a party pooper?

Odilon said...

You're welcome. I'm so happy that you like them. I'm looking forward to seeing your ATCs.

I understand about scaling back group swaps. I rarely participate in them anymore. So, I'm a party pooper too. Now, I just need to make some cards to trade.