I spent last night cutting out tiny paper hearts. I <3 paper hearts. You'll see the results some time next week after the intended recipient receives them.

Two spreads in my Moleskine are done. Two more and I can mail it. Early.

I want to do an art squared (4"x4") exchange.

I also spent last night finishing up my immigration application. Supporting documents have been photocopied (except for my suddenly missing birth certificate), most of the forms have been filled out, I've been photographed both inside and out, and now, now I get to write all of the letters that explain why my relationship doesn't fit into the neat little template created by CIC. Blargh. I think that I'm going to do a zine on all of this. I'll call it Slouching towards Canada or simply Fin (as in "end," not as in the thing a fish has).

I'm looking forward to crossing immigration application of my to do list. I will drink a nice bottle of wine when it happens.

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