The cover for my Tell Me Something About You Deco. Pen, coloured pencil, Sharpie on water colour paper. Bound with embroidery floss.

I did clear quite a bit of my to do list this weekend but I still think that I'm going to have to sit out the chunky book. I'm sad but I think that my sanity will thank me come mid-December.


altermyworld said...

ZH..the deadline is a ways away....please join...you'll kick yourself if ya don't I have done several chunky books.....the longest part of the process is the actual idea...and then once you have the idea it is a matter of assembly line work.....phase by phase....
Really it is worth it

Cellissimo said...

Gosh, Ang, you've almost got me convinced to sign up too! I've been resisting that project as well.

Zh - the deco looks great - I like the comic book feel of the cover.

Odilon said...

Ang: Unfortunately there's a three-week period during which I won't be able to do anything, so that combined with my upcoming deadlines is forcing me to opt out of this.

Cellission: Thanks!

altermyworld said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh too bad....maybe the next go around.