This is my hand-drawn and/or hand-painted deco for ADW. I had considered leaving the theme open but I'd really like a book of bird drawings and paintings. Who wouldn't? This little guy is (loosely) based on a drawing by Audubon. I had planned on using the basic outline to draw something more cartoony (like him) but in a different pose than I usually draw my birds. Well, this one wanted to be quasi-realistic, so here he is. Quasi-realistic. The bird is painted in acrylics. I mixed a teeny tiny bit of the red with a ton of gold interference paint for the breast. The background is done in water colours. Next bird I draw shall be a duck. QUACK! I love ducks and now that I know that I am one (see previous post) it seems like I should devote more attention to them.

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miss fish said...

Great work Z. I love birds too.
What a great theme for a deco... !